Monday, May 5, 2008

Look What Came Out of My Feet!!!

So, last night Martha brought over a device called the EB-305, which is used to cleanse your body of toxins, and other junk. All you have to do is dip your feet in this bucket of water, and through a process I'll explain below, it sucks out all of the bad things that have collected in your body.

Hard to believe? Well, let me show you the results video of our little experiment. Watch the video below, and then read on to have an explanation of how it works.

The Erchonia EB-305 was designed to create ION fields in order to detoxify and balance the overall energy in the body.

An Ion is a charged atom or molecule. This charge can be either positive or negative. These ions want to naturally negate their charge back neither to positive or negative but rather a stable position. Ions then seek out things of opposite polarity to negate that charge

The EB-305 device takes advantage of that natural occurrence to remove the unwanted toxins and other harmful free radicals from within the body, that are stored within the body. By using the foot bath and water as a vessel to transmit this Ionic charge, the body will naturally absorb this energy force through the meridian points within the feet.

This energy force will then attract the opposite polarized items in order to negate their charge and return to a stable position. This polarizing process has a similar effect as a television picture tube (this is why your television set always gets so dusty).

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Janae said...

Oh babe, we are disgusting. One day we will make toxified babies.