Thursday, October 9, 2008

Celestial Food, and Complimentary Toilet Paper

I'm sitting in a meeting right now with a bunch of Xerox Copier resale business owners up at the Zermot Spa and Resort. It's one of the few, if not the only 5 star hotel in Utah. It's up near Heber city, and is very nice. I especially like the "costumes" of all the employees here. I'm not quite sure what the owners of the hotel were thinking when they were getting costume consulting, and the president looked at the catalog of uniforms, and said, "We've gotta have THOSE"! I think whoever made that final decision should be fired, and banned from the hospitality industry. After using their valet service, I was expecting the valet to exuberantly yodel for me after receiving his tip. Well, he didn't, I didn't even get a simple "Riiiiiiiiicolllaaaaaaaaaa" and then a sound of a really long horn on a mountaintop. I felt cheated.

However, the service here has been fantastic, aside from the fact that they wanted to charge me $15 to connect my computer to their wireless network... Yeah, $15... Are you seriously kidding me? When I had to take an urgent trip to the bathroom, I was worried how much they would charge me to wipe my butt... I only had a $10 and I didn't want to break it. I hate change. Luckily, however, the sanitary tissue was complimentary. Which is good, because I've already made two urgent trips to the loo. I feel like I should call it that with all these mountain elves from Iceland running about.

So, instead of spending $15 on an internet connection I hacked the network with my uber haxor skillz, and I connected via VPN to our Digital Gateway internet connection. I Roxor your Boxorz, I know.

The meeting has been good, but I have to give an honorable mention to the house Cook. The food was absolutely delicious... When they asked if I wanted Chicken, Salmon, and sensually delicious beef, I simply said, "Yes." And I proceeded to eat my weight in some of the most delicious food I've had in a very long time. Then, I proceeded to consume a most celestially delicious piece of Chocolate cake plastered in 2 inches of decadent Whipped Cream... On a side note, you could plaster an old boot in whipped cream, and I would probably think it was pretty good.

Anyway, the food was SO good, and so plentiful, of course, I ate far too much of it. I am pretty good at telling my stomach to shut up and digest when it's screaming, "Error Error". Have you ever been SO full that you get out of breath by doing something like, raising your arm, or adjusting in your seat? Yeah, I know I'm pathetic... The food was just so good though! This played a key role in forcing me to use a public bathroom more than once in a day. I generally try as hard as I can to avoid public bathrooms as much as possible. If I can cut down my visits to the public loo to 1 or 2 every 5 years, then I am happy. But I digress, back to being full; I really do think that if someone saw me from the side, they would think to themselves, "Well that's odd; that man looks like a pregnant woman." Well, contrary to popular belief, I don't in fact have ovaries or a uterus, so, I am unable to be large with child. I just ate too much, you judgmental person I am using in my story... yeah, that's what I would say to them, I would tell them off!

SOOO, today has been an enjoyable day. It has switched things up a little bit, I got to come up to a nice place to learn quite a bit about a product I will be selling soon, and I got to enjoy an extremely good meal. So, I have no complaints.

I am writing this blog in response to 2 separate requests that I post a blog again, it feels good to know you guys enjoy them, so, don't hesitate to continue making me feel like I'm amazing. I certainly already know that, but, It doesn't hurt to be told every now and again. ;) *If you don't know me, please know that I'm not arrogant, and don't think I am better than everyone else*

... I just know I am...