Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Blog - Movie Reviews!!

Hey guys,

I love movies, I love movies a lot!! And I love writing movie reviews too! So, I've decided I would create another blog dedicated solely to movie reviews.

It's called Movie Fiends Anonymous. I would LOVE it if some of you guys wanted to become "Movie Critics" for the blog! I want to market it, and do some advertising and stuff for it so that we can make it really popular!

If you guys could add a link to it from all of your blogs, myspaces, Facebooks, etc... That would be so awesome!! If you want to write reviews for the blog, please email me, and I'll give you the low-down on how to go about it!

So, go check it out everyone, and make sure to check it often!

Link to us at:


Friday, August 1, 2008

Mostly a Belated Blog on California, and Butt Chaffage!

Well, it's been a while again since I last wrote a blog.

The reason I usually don't write one is because Janae always beats me to it! She writes about the things we do together in so much detail, I feel like I have nothing left to talk about in my blogs. So, I guess I'll just tell you some of the fun, interesting, funny things that have happened to me within the last little while that I haven't updated my blog. (Wow, I didn't realize it was so freaking long ago that I updated this! I gotta get back on top of this!)

Okay, so this probably won't be in any particular order seeing as my mind doesn't like keeping things in order. My brain is kind of like a 3 year old kid who sniffed too much Nestle Quick before getting put in a padded room. So, forgive my thought process.

First, I'll start somewhere easy.

Ever since my last blog post, I've been involved in a Provo River rafting disaster, my 1 year anniversary with my fiancĂ©e, a vacation to California, getting a wallet stolen at Taco bell, seeing some awesome movies lately, went to Disneyland for the first time, went to an Angel’s game, and tried out for American Idol in Salt Lake City. I will touch on just a couple of these things as Janae has covered most of them in a TON of depth, so if you wish to read about them, refer to her blog!!

The first story that comes to mind that I want to talk about happened on my vacation to California. Janae and I drove to Cali to be with her family, and to do a bunch of different activities while we were there. Our first sojourn was to the beach. While we were there we went swimming, and had a fire, cooked hotdogs and marshmallows and stuff like that. Well, while we were there, I started feeling really queasy, like I had eaten something bad, and my stomach was not happy. Anyway, forgive me for being somewhat graphic, or even a little disgusting, but, let’s just say while I was laying there on a towel, I let out what was supposed to be a fart full of nothing but air and relief for my nauseated stomach; however, instead I was greeted by something a little more messy, and less convenient. So, I turned to Janae with a look of terror on my face and told her what just happened. Of course she couldn’t let me off the hook without laughing, and of course, I was laughing at myself a little too.

Anyway, to make a long story short, let me just say God bless the man who had the idea to put showers at the beach. And, also, God bless the company that so dutifully manufacturers Wet Ones. I was quite fortunate to have access to both said advantages. After I was able to evacuate all the sickness in my tummy in the also very conveniently located bathrooms (not conveniently sanitary however) I felt great. The rest of the night was awesome! I had SO MUCH FUN with Janae. Just talking and sitting next to our fire pit. It was a really magical night for me actually. Well, aside from the earlier difficulties at least. ;)

So, later in the week I managed to drop my wallet at a Taco bell when I went in to get sauce which the motard at the drive-thru failed to do the first time around. I spent hours the next morning looking for my wallet, and only remembered that I had gotten out at Taco Bell after it was too late. Someone had most likely picked up the wallet, saw that it had a few hundred dollars worth of cash in it, a few hundred dollars worth in Gift Cards, and a couple credit cards, licenses, social Security card, etc etc... They decided that honesty was out, and gas prices were up, so they jacked my wallet. Can I just say that this is probably one of my biggest pet peeves? This isn't the first time this has happened, it's not even the second time, it's like the 4th time that I have had a wallet stolen. The ironic thing is, I never carry cash, unless I'm on vacation. The last 2 times I've gotten a wallet stolen, I had several hundred dollars of cash in it each time, because each time, I've been on vacation. It's a real pain the arse. The other ironic thing about it is that the last 2 times It's happened, I had just purchased a very nice wallet days or weeks before. So, it's just ironic, and It makes me quite upset. I hope the universe isn't listening right now. Anyway, enough sobbing about that, even though I still get sick to my stomach everytime I think about it. ugh.

Well, after all of this, we got to go and see The Dark Knight. Which by the way was absolutely incredible.

I forgot to mention we also went to Disneyland somewhere in all of this, as well as an Angel's game. Disneyland was amazing! I thought Pirates of the Carribean was so rad! We all had a really good time!

Well, you probably are noticing that I'm shortening this. I have decided that this is far too long and I'll read my oh so dedicated 4 readers if I go over too much. So, anyway. I was going to include my American Idol audition experience here, however, I think I'll blog about that separately.

All in all, the California trip was amazing. It was a very much needed renewal of energy, relationship with my fiancee, and break from work. So, I loved it!

I'll blog about American Idol a little bit later!