Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear Diary! It's Been a Long Time But a lot Has Happened!

So I sit here listening to the amazing vocal arrangements of The Weepies and I think to myself, "Where the crap do I begin?" I've been bad, I know! I can't believe I've allowed myself so much time to pass by since I last graced all of you with my wonderful wordage. Honestly, so much has happened that I have been dreading getting on here to catch you all up on what's going on. So, I've decided to only give you a brief overview of many of the things that have happened as of late.

If you haven't already heard, I've been "moved" at work, which means, I have taken on a whole new set up responsibilities at work. I'm now doing sales. Let me just tell you. It is an incredible opportunity for me to learn and grow in something I haven't had a ton of experience with, but, I've found that I do have a natural talent for it. (Thanks Dad!) The money is quite a large upgrade as well, which I am not complaining about!!

Also, if you haven't already heard, I'm engaged. You can see the video of the engagement below. I did it at Medieval Times in California. Janae and I were visiting down there so that I could ask her dad for her hand in marriage. We're thinking we will do the deed in the Fall sometime. Let me just fill you guys in on my Fiancée' Janae. She rocks my world. She is the cheese to my macaroni. You guys, I have to say that I am a very lucky man! Janae puts up with SO MUCH, and I am so lucky that she hasn't given up on me yet! I seriously don't know how she does it sometimes! I am trying really hard to be better about all my little quirks and oddities that I have, but I am still just an ADHD, procrastinating, all fun no work kind of guy lots of the time. If you know Janae, you know she's 135% opposite of that. We definitely equal each other out a lot in those areas, and I think that's how we get along so well. But, either way, I just feel kind of bad that I'm getting so lucky! I often ask myself, "Geez, well what's in this for HER?" I guess she sees more in me than I often see in myself, and for that I am eternally grateful. Anyway, I am so excited to be married to this girl! She makes my life so much better! She makes me so much of a better person than I knew possible!

You know that person that all of us have in mind, the person we want to become, but it always just seems so out of reach, untouchable, unachievable. Janae makes me feel like I can really become that person and more! I finally for the first time realize that it's possible for me to break the mold I've built around myself, to become something I have always wanted to become, but never had the guts, or motivation to do it. I am so glad to know that I have someone that will support me in ANYTHING I decide to do. She will support me in a way that will only make my desires and goals all the more amazing, and achievable. So, I am publicly expressing how much this girl means to me. She is my life, my breath, my being. I am in awe at how much I fall more deeply in love with her every day. She is really the best girlfriend ever. Not because we never fight, or disagree, or get annoyed at each other, or anything like that. We're not this perfect couple that always gets along. Are you kidding? She's marrying TANNER PHILLIPS remember? But what we have is the ability to really communicate. We make it a point to communicate what we're feeling, why, what we can do differently as a couple to make things more comfortable, etc... We both have sincere desires to do what is right. We both have the same goals to live righteously, to raise our kids righteously, and to better ourselves everyday. Of course, my list of "Things to Fix" is much longer than hers, since she's so close to perfect in my eyes, but I have been really doing my very best to make the concerted effort to work on the things she asks of me. And for that, our relationship works. We always have a desire for progression and to me that is all we need to succeed in the great Plan of Salvation.

I could literally talk about Janae all day long, but, since I only have like 1,000,000 gigs of space or whatever Gmail gives you now a days, I'd better save some room for future posts.

On another note, I don't know if I've mentioned this to very many of you guys who aren't within my little circle of friends, but, we are doing a Non-Profit concert in September that will raise hopefully up to $30,000 for the Save The Children organization. I am working on the website right now, go check it out and tell me what you think!

Also, I've started doing the Nutrisystems Diet thing about a month ago. It was really difficult for me at first, because I felt like I was eating 3 ounces of nourishment a day, but my body has finally adjusted, it is fairly easy now. I've lost about 13 lbs I'd say so far. I'm moving into the 2nd month of it, so we'll see how much more weight I can lose on this puppy!

The way I've been exercising is by riding my bike again. Can I just tell you how much I love riding my bike? It really is such a calming experience for me! I LOVE riding in the beautiful Provo Canyon everyday. Utah is such a fantastic place to live in my opinion. Anyway, I love that, and I'm feeling stronger and stronger as time goes on. I'm glad I did the spin classes for a couple months before I started riding though. It made my getting in shape period a lot shorter. Even though, now I just have to work twice as hard as everyone else to get my fat and increasingly less fat butt up the hill everyday.

Well, I'm sure there's plenty of stuff I left out of this, but for the sake of not having any of you read past like 5 paragraphs ago, I'll make this shorter. I just wanted to catch you guys up on the things going on right now. I am doing great! I feel like things improve all the time and I feel like I'm finally moving in a sure direction in my life. I am so grateful to the Lord for everything I have. I am so beyond blessed! I am so grateful to have opportunities to do the things I do. It really makes me so aware that the Lord has big plans for us later on in life. I'm striving to get to the place where the Lord can really use me as a tool in his hands. I want him to mold me into the person HE wants me to be. I'm working on that all the time and I hope that with your continued prayers and support it can continue to improve everyday!

I really will make an effort to write in my blog often again. So, re-establish the habit of checking it every hour to make sure I haven't updated it yet.

Sorry this is such a grammatical mess; but I just don’t care enough, nor do I have the attention span to go through this and fix all the grammar; like excessive use of commas and semicolons etc…


J R Phillips said...

Love the initial look of your website...the concert/cause sounds amazing.

Glad you posted again...and I don't check your blog every hour because I have an RSS reader that tells me when you've updated! Yay for that! You should get one, too.

The Smiths said...

Tanner! Congratulations on the engagement! Your fiance is a lucky lady. Hope everything with you is fantastic!

Janae said...

Oh babe, you are darling.

I didn't expect you to write all about me when I told you that you need to update your blog, but what a great thing for me to read when I need to be lifted up, hm?

I love the Juno quote (cheese and macaroni). You are so darling. You put up with a lot from me, too, so I guess we both really are lucky. :) I so appreciate your effort and positive attitude about us and the things I ask of you. What better husband material than someone who steps up to every challenge his future wife throws at him? I am nowhere near perfect (thank you for saying so), but I am also working at becoming better with you.

There is, in fact, a LOT in this for me, and anyone who knows you knows that too. You are smart and funny and so talented and handsome. We are opposites and you get on my nerves, and I get on yours, but I appreciate the laughs it all provides later.

Thank you so much for the amazing compliments. I hope you really do know that I will support you and believe in you in anything you choose to undertake.

I'm proud of you for your diet and exercise as well!

Just FYI I was not overwhelmed with any sort of grammatical errors at all. Nicely done, love.

Thanks for updating your blog.

I love you!

Bri!!! said...

Tanner, YAY FOR UPDATING! You have no idea how excited I am that you are riding your bike again. That makes me a very happy girl. Good job on losing 13 lbs. In a month I will need to lose about 25 lbs. Ugh. Anyway, love your guts and miss you.