Thursday, February 28, 2008

So I purchased a Planner -- [Rant]

It's got a clever little photo of 3 students sitting on and around our constipated wolverine statue in front of the AC building. Then, on the back, it has [almost] the same picture but wait, NOW they're wearing UVU merch! "Now that's a clever little number..." I thought to myself queerly. Then I started judgmentally evaluating how it was CLEARLY two different pictures! The girl was looking at the camera in one, and not looking in the other, the guy looks a little gayer int he UVU one than the UVSC one... See, I was much smarter than the UVU propaganda council. I'm very clever... Clever indeed. And they can't trick a trickster!

Well, I think I purchased it in hopes that I would become more organized. Isn't that a novel idea? Buying a planner to be more organized... hmmm... I'll need to think on that for a moment.

Anyway, I wrote down the things that are due this week, and the things I need to [study] so I can justify away my poor test scores with, well I studied, WTF! Mostly however, I feel really official. I feel like I am the organization king of the world.

My problem tends to be an eventual lack of motivation, which leads to a severely neglected day planner. It will eventually sit lonely at the bottom of my back back, being crushed, and choked by the also severely neglected textbooks.

What is it about a person that never does homework? What about carrying around an 87.9 lb backpack full of unused, unstudied textbooks makes us feel better about our school performance? I have textbooks that I haven't even unwrapped from their neat little heat sealed plastic wrap covering. I just hate to ruin something so beautiful as a textbook that I am unable to read.

Well, these USED to be the days of my rule and ultimate power... When I could get away with the above stated attitude. However, this semester is by far the hardest semester of classes I've ever had. Let me give you a small outline of how I feel about each of my classes.

Math: If I could re-kill the guys who invented Math, it would be worth my ticket to heaven to do it. However, much to my dismay they're already dead..

Astronomy: This is actually the only class that I really really like! In fact I love it! I find it all fascinating, and I remember everything because of the fact I pay attention. Another novel idea... That doesn't usually happen twice in my rants.

Business Communications: If I had to sum up my feelings towards this class in just what my teacher would call a "Simple Sentence," It would be: "Fecal Spatter" How do you like that simple sentence TWYMAN!

ADDENDUM: So Janae happened to point out to me that this is in fact NOT a simple sentence. Well, isn't that ironic... This is the first thing I've actually learned in this class, and it wasn't even while in class... Well, none-the-less, I am maintaining my statement above. It SHOULD be a simple sentence.

Biology: I'm still just trying to figure out how these cells are able to have sex with themselves... It boggles my mind... I'm also trying to figure out a way to fail this class with style. I'm considering streaking butt naked through the class just wearing an ATOM model on my head. This would most certainly be going out with style.

This my friends is my summary of my life right now. The only part missing is work, and girls. Both of those topics will be touched upon on another day, and another time.

I'm considering blogging as a new career. So stand by.

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