Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Friends, Good Music, and a Good Bump on the Head

Last night I had the opportunity to get away from the drib-drab world of studying and work, to enjoy a night with good friends, and very good music. Janae, Raytch, Cara, and I all drove to Salt Lake last night to go and see Joshua Radin. Cara made the observation that we made really good time up to Salt Lake. I had to remind her that when you are traveling at 95 miles per hour it tends to make you arrive at your destination a lot faster than when you're driving 55 in the fast lane. Well, we stood in line, and were able to make fun of some girls taking pictures near a bunch of construction machinery. They were being ridiculous, so our group and the small group behind us kept poking fun at them together, it was a good time. So finally we get into the venue, but not before I had to get felt up by some dude with Tats and a cigarettes in his mouth. I didn't appreciate the smoking while he was 6 inches from me feeling my crotch and other extremities. I thought it was pretty inconsiderate, but I was seeing Josh Radin, so I just allowed him to molest me, and moved on.

Janae and I had been planning on going up to the bar ever since we found out the concert was at club sound, so we ran up there, and had missed the chance to get chairs, so we had to sit on platform type thing that was high above the ground on the balcony. It was pretty high I tell you, like at least 8 feet off the ground, but lots of people were sitting on it, so we began the climb. I got up first, and then tried helping my 5 foot tall girlfriend to get up, the first attempt failed in me dropping her. I could only picture the scene in "Cliffhanger" where Sylvester Stalone drops his girlfriend to her terrible death. Luckily, this was just a couple feet, so Janae was okay. The second time, she was not having my help, she wanted to be a stubborn poop, so she climbed up herself, when she got to the top, she did this thing where she pulled herself up very quickly to get onto the bench, what she didn't realize is that there was a big steel beam where her face was to end up. She hit it SO hard! I usually can get a laugh out of that kind of thing, but this was NOT funny. I wanted to throw up! There are 2 people in the world that I cannot stand seeing get hurt, the first is my Mom, I want to cry when I see my mom get hurt, it doesn't happen often, but when it has, It kills me, and my second is my girlfriend. I don't like it at all. So, of course I felt awful, because I knew how bad it must have hurt. After I got her some ice and some water she was okay after a while.

Okay, to the music. It all started with a girl named Alexa Wilkinson for the opening act. She was incredible! I really liked her a lot! She was funny, and very talented! She even made up a song on the spot when the fire alarm went off in the venue. Then, we heard from the wonderfully amazing Ingrid Michaelson. I can't even describe how much I enjoyed her performance! She was incredible! So absolutely talented it was amazing!! Plus, she was hysterical!! I found her very funny, and fun to watch!

Finally the amazing Joshua Radin came out, and blew us all away. He was incredible. The fact there is so much talent in the world is so awesome to me! I love that there are people that are just exuding talent! I often wish I was as talented as some of these people. But then I have to think that I have so many other talents in so many other ways that I can't complain at all.

After the show, I managed to talk Janae into tricking Rachel and Cara into thinking we had to leave early and miss Josh and most of Ingrid because of Janae's head. My plan went perfectly and they felt horrible. I couldn't stand having them so sad for more than 2 or 3 hours, okay just kidding; it was only about 3 or 4 minutes. But we got them pretty good.

We then topped the end of the night off with a trip to Denny's. We compared Denny's to being the McDonalds of sit down restaurants. We all agreed, but it didn't stop us from eating all the delicious food they brought out to us!

All in all, it was a really good night! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Not only did I enjoy the good friends, the good music, and the really good make out I had with Janae during a couple of the songs, but I also enjoyed just getting away for a little while.

I look forward to tonight!! We are going to Tucanos, it's a really delicious Brazilian restaurant here in Provo, and we're going with a lot of really close friends. It's going to be awesome! I love being with close friends. It's one of my favorite things!

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Janae said...

I'm glad you wrote about last night. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the concert and dinner. I had an awesome time except for bumping my head. Fortunately I didn't let that spoil things.

Also -- the McDonald's of sit down restaurants was MY thinking aloud. Just had to clarify that. :)

You're a good writer. I love that your enthusiasm comes across in it.

Love you...