Monday, July 18, 2011

Pathetic or Awesome?

So, is it weird that I absolutely love the Food Network? It's not just because I'm a fat guy, and I love food, it's that there are some seriously entertaining shows on Food Network. I am not really into the cooking shows really, but stuff like Food Network Star, which in my opinion is so much more entertaining than any other reality show I've ever seen in my life.
But then you have "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" which is freaken amazing. It goes around to different places and shows their foods, and I gotta say. I've never considered going on a road trip purely with the goal to visit restaurants, but, I can say that I honestly would love to do it now.
Anyway, Shelby and I love the Food Network, and I also like the Travel Channel a lot lately. Especially the show, "Man Vs. Food". Oh my gosh, I have found my new calling. If anyone has any connections with how I could get a job doing what these people do, please let me know in the comments below. Because, I would pretty much do whatever I could to eat amazing food all day.

Another Pathetic thing is: I have gotten more speeding tickets during the last year than I have in my entire life. Seriously, I will have like 4 tickets that will show up on my record, and I just took care traffic school on another one of them today. BTW, if somewhere offers ONLINE Traffic school, trust me when I tell you. Do it. It was easier than taking a dumb after lunch at Tucanos. But still, my insurance is quite a bit higher because I got caught a couple of retarded times speeding. It seriously makes me so unhappy to have to pay for tickets. I've decided that I'm done with speeding. It's not worth it. And like my online traffic school class said today, you don't even really save any time. I mean, we're talking like 10 seconds for a 15 mile drive. I realize now that it's not even worth it.

However, my sanity is in question when trying to go the speed limit, so rules must be broken at certain times unfortunately.

Pathetic thing number 3. This whole Casey Anthony case... Are you kidding me Justice System? Talk about a total justice system brain fart. I give the girl 1 year before she either kills herself, or is killed by some crazy activist or something. No, this is not me saying I want to kill her. I am just saying I won't be surprised when it happens.

Anyway, that's all the stuff I can think about right now as being pathetic. Leave comments for other stuff, and I can choose to comment on some of it if it's pathetic enough to mention.

This post wins for Random post of the century! Hurrah For Israel!!

And ON that note... Enjoy this video:


Janice Phillips said...

Hurray for Israel?! What the...? You crack me up, Tanner.

As for the FN, it's the best channel to watch because it guarantees I won't eat very much. Somehow WATCHING all that food doesn't make me hungry. Weird. What about that show where a random chef gets to pick which Iron Chef they compete against and they're given a food to plan an entire menu around? Can't remember the name of it though...anyway...that show rocks!! So fun.

Have fun driving slow!

Tanner said...

You are talking about "Iron Chef America" which is another one of our favorite shows.

I cannot believe the Food Network doesn't make you hungry. I crave food so bad while watching!!!