Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Making a Comeback?

Well guys. It's been so long, I know you guys are probably wondering where the crap I've been.

Well, it's been a busy year or two for me. I've bought a house, gotten married to the woman of my dreams, which subsequently means I lost my virginity to her, which is really all that matters right? :)

Anyway, I am thinking of starting up the whole blog thing again. I might take it in a different direction though. I might just start posting things I think are funny, interesting, or simply awesome. I just enabled the Text thing that I can update my blog by sending a text, so I'll be able to do this more often.

I'll try to get back in the habit of updating this thing, so don't give up on me, and lets have some fun!

Thanks for not abandoning me on my little sojourn away from blogworld. I'm back, and my life if finally interesting enough to blog about.

Stay tuned!


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Bri!!! said...

I'm so excited you are back! I've missed you! Does this mean you might actually read my blog posts?

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