Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bitter Sweet Days - Not My Favorite

The horrible day I speak of was actually yesterday.

First of all, I'm totally getting burned out at work right now for some reason. Things are going slow then fast, then slow, then fast with sales, so it's hard to keep the motivation up, and the work ethic high. Things will get better here pretty soon. I have lots of really good leads and potential buys that should roll in here pretty soon. So far, I've sold over $70,000 in add-on products for our company, so I'm doing pretty well thus far. It just gets hard sometimes to stick with it. It's pretty tedious work, in trying to get in contact with customers, and trying to get them to just send you the dang invoice back so you can process their order. But, it's been a great experience, and I look forward to improving all the time.

Anyway, after that little tangent, the reason yesterday blew was first off, it just started off pretty bad. I was at work, and nothing really was happening, but I had something to look forward to, my new bedset I had just purchased from RCWilley last Saturday. I have been seriously SO excited about redecorating our whole basement so that I can move in there one day with my future wife. (I'm also moving in there very soon alone, just to hold down the fort until I get married.) I've been tearing off all the wallpaper, fixing all the burnt out lightbulbs, installing a new fridge, etc etc... So, I was very excited to finally get the furniture I had been looking forward to! So it arrived, everything looks great, then the guys say, "We can't put it together for you, sorry." This wasn't a big deal to me, I don't mind doing that kind of thing. So when my mom and I start putting everything together, some of the peices look quite small. I got a King size bed, but the side rails and base board things looked too short. Sure enough, they had sold us the Queen side boards and stuff, so I couldn't completely put together the bed I had so been looking forward to seeing finished.

So, after that, I went to pick up my car from Clegg's Automotive. I needed to get some work done on my car. Well, when they gave me my keys, and I went out to my car, I found that my car hadn't been locked that night, and it had been broken into.

I had gotten a bunch of stuff stolen out of my car. Some of the things that I know about, I'm sure there was more, but I just don't recall what was back there, include:

  • Longboard
  • Paintball Gun / Mask / Tank
  • Pistol
  • A new Dickies Coat
  • Radar Detector, which they left behind two key parts, (bunch of idiots)
  • My Stereo FACE. Yes, ONLY the face! Dubbayou Tee Eff would you want JUST the face of a stereo for? Seriously?
  • Over 60 CD's
  • a bottle of "Goo Gone" probably to sniff it.
  • and a bunch of other random stuff I'm sure.
So, needless to say, I wasn't happy. I had a cop come to do a police report, but the chances of getting my stuff back is very slim. But I wanted a police report so I could try to make Cleggs pay for it.

Turns out, they said they will only meet me "half way" with any costs that I have. I think that's a bunch of bullcrap, seeing as they are the ones that didn't lock my door, and my car was on their property. So, I'm gonna fight that for sure.

Anyway, luckily, my cute girlfriend took me to dinner to cheer me up, and then we watched an episode of Dexter, which by the way is probably the best show ever invented. Then we went and watched So You Think You Can Dance, and then we went home. So, the day was not ALL bad, but it did suck in the earlier parts of the day.

Anyway, hopefully today will be better. Honestly, this whole week has been somewhat difficult for me. Just feeling really stressed about a few different things. So, if you can keep me in your prayers, that would be great!



Janae said...

That really is annoying about the bed stuff being wrong. I will go with you later to get the right one.

And I really am so sorry about your car :( If I had the money I'd buy you new stuff to replace it. Hopefully dinner was OK instead.

Yay for Dexter.

I love you.

Bri!!! said...

Ah Tanner, that is such a bummer. Why can't RC Willy put your bed together? Isn't that what they are supposed to do? When will you get the pieces for the king? How annoying. OK so Cleggs is on my blacklist right now. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. SO LAME. They are idiots and should know their location is prime for thieves and to ALWAYS lock cars, even during the day morons. Well, I think they are getting investigated for our car though. So they probably hate our guts, but it seems like they struggle with integrity so I don't feel bad anymore one bit. Especially finding out they got your stuff stolen. SO LAME. I'm glad the night ended nicely though. So you think you can dance is our new favorite show. We love it. It's pretty much the only one we watch. K, love your guts. Bri

StacyB said...

Wow, what a bummer! You should definitely press the issue of reimbursement...I wouldn't put up with that for one second.
I love your new bedroom set.

"Dexter" is my FAVORITE...what a fantastic concept (in my sick opinion, anyway)

Prayers are with you, and things can only get better, right?

I miss you guys like crazy!

Megan said...

I DIED...I am so sorry. That is the worst. I read the whole blog with my hands clasped over my face...obviously i dont get much drama out here so it was a big deal haha...but totally should try to get reimbursed. I love you kid. I wish i was there to hang in the basement with you. Love ya!